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For this project, the product detail page needed a redesign of how information was displayed on the page. In addition to this main site, I’ve also included responsive design and touch interactions with mobile devices.

My Role
  • Principle Designer

  • Implement Brand & Design Guidelines

  • Sketch Prototypes


April 2016 - June 2016

UX Changes & Discovery

Giving the item in the details page more stage room and consolidated area for details. Also adding breadcrumbs for navigation since it goes down to 3-4 levels, and applying UI best practices in terms of navigation and CTAs.

Iterative Design

User feedback of this design leaned toward larger views of each item. I designed this page to animate out the surrounding information to give the item as much viewing stage as possible.

Responsive Design

Responsive design versioning for the product detail page. Using touch gestures to expand on the images and viewing details. Clear CTA’s and purchase flow established for this details page.



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