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One Medical

Created best in class, meaningful member experiences for our patients in person, over the phone, and through messaging.



My Role
  • Product Designer II

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Brainstorming

  • Personas

  • Design Guidelines

  • Scenarios

  • Sketch

  • Prototypes

  • Component Library

April 2022 - Aug 2022


One Medical is a primary care platform challenging the industry status quo by making quality care more affordable, accessible and enjoyable.


One of my roles with One Medical was to improve the existing MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for member sign-in and increase security around privacy settings. Educate members on permissions and security features.

Enhanced UX features to be updated:

  • Recovery codes and MFA

  • Triage members to correct type of appointment needed

  • Recognize need for urgent care quickly

  • Filter options for Indexing available Providers

  • Visit History / Preferred providers list

User Flow

Enrollment for MFA Flow:

  • Member provides contact number

  • Code is SMS/Texted to Member

  • A recovery Code is also given to Member in case they are not able to access their device.

Member Enrollment into  MFA

Recovery Code Issued


Content Design

  • Restructured messaging into bulleted list.

  • Easier to consume when broken up into smaller pieces.

  • Legal department mandatory messaging revamped for clear user understanding of insurance charges and visit expectations.

Shortest Message with bulleted content.


Longest message with bulleted content


Communication Map - 24hours before booking (in-office)

Reminders for booked appointments are sent via text and also from the mobile app 24hours before. By mapping out the timeline for receiving the reminders and designing an easy way to reschedule if patient can no longer make the appointment, frees up more appointments for that date and users are less likely to forget their next scheduled date.

Here's a snapshot of the communications map via SMS, email and mobile app.

Improve Business Operations
  •  Ensure business stakeholders are engaged to take the right action for customers

  •  Turn any signal automatically into orchestrated, cross-functional response

  •  Lean on built-in communications best practices to mobilize the right way

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